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The North American Manipur Association (NAMA) is saddened and appalled by the news that Shaolin Chandam passed away on August 25, 2015 in a tragic incident. It is a great loss of a dynamicyouth and brother from Manipur in North America. NAMA has been engaging inactivities to expedite the capture of the murderer and dispatch of the body toManipur as soon as possible. On hearing the news, NAMA members have beenoutpouring condolences for the loss and sympathy for Shaolin’s family. As tokenof love and remembrance of Shaolin, NAMA members have contributed to a fund of $1516.66 (Rs. 1,00,100) sent to Shaolin’s family on Friday, September 4th,2015.

The body has left JFK airport onFriday, September 4th  and ison its way to Delhi. The body will reach Delhi on Sunday, September 6thand will be received by Shaolin’s brother Lawrence Chandam.

Below is the list of people who have contributed generously for Shaolin.

Dilly Devi & Surjalal Sharma, Anurupa Rajkumari , Barun Okram , Bijon Singh,Bimolchand Thounaojam, Kulabidhu & Pramodini Chanam, Chitaranjan Thoudam,Dhrita Kumar, Dhrubaraj Aheibam & Lily Sharma, Bob Hijam Singh, HoriSingha, Jerina Ngangom & Bryan Hallett, Johnson Elangbam, Judy Sarungbam,Kebola Wahengbam & Amom Ruhikant, Omnath & Memicha Khundongbam,Lakshmikanta Laikangbam, Lalit & Anjana Pukhrambam, Leenthoingambi Nameirakpam, Longjam Somesh Singh, Lukhoi & Neeti Shougaijam, Naba Singha & Indrani Aribam, Nishikanta Asem & Anju Aheibam, NongthanglembaLangpoklakpam, Preetam Yengkokpam, Premjeet Sougrakpam, Raj Chingakham & Priyadarshini Koijam, Raju Huidrom, Sagar Sharma & Ambrabati Adhikarimayum,Shanti Thokchom , Shilpa Phairembam & Brian Weiss, Sonia Sarangthem & Bobby Maisnam, Sonia Singgam & Abishek Jhureley, Sudeep & Olivia Khuraijam, Sunita Yanglem, Anonymous from Silicon Valley, Thoihen & Linthoi Heisnam

The NAMA Executive team is very thankful to the members whohave contributed and supported this cause. Without our valuable members’support, we wouldn’t be here today.

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