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Welcome to North American Manipur Association!

North American Manipur Association (NAMA) was Founded in July 04, 1992 in Brooklyn, NY 11218
North American Manipur Association (NAMA) is a non-profit, non-political, educational, cultural and secular organization formed by Manipuris residing in North America. The official language of the Association shall be English. The objectives of the association are to foster and promote social, cultural, educational heritage of the people of Manipur in America and to defend any such cause that affects them. An executive committee is elected through voting of members every two years. The constitution of this organization provides guidelines of changes in executive leadership and the activities that are hosted on a yearly basis. The biggest event every year is the convention held during the first week of July. This organization is supported financially by the membership fees collected on a annual basis from its members. There are no external sources of funding received from any entities. On a selective basis, this organization supports humanitarian causes and may provide donations on a selective basis.

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