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Patriot's Day Celebration - 13th August 2013

Today, August 13, 2013, NAMA members observed the Patriot's Day of Manipur. Tamo Lalit and Tamo Ruhikant shared some history and background on the significance of this day. The sacrifice made by our ancestors was remembered. One minute of silence was kept by the attendees to honor the Patriots.

A huge thanks to all those who joined today's call.  We kindly request all NAMA members to participate in next year's event. We will plan ahead and send out early communications for the same.

For those who wish to know more about this day, a very brief summary of the events leading to the historical day of August 13, 1891 is given below:

In their efforts to colonize Manipur, British rulers devised a number of strategies to arrest prince Tikendrajit but all went in vain. Finally, British forces attacked the palace in the night causing fatal casualties to many people including women and children. For their criminal act of attacking the palace and killing a number of people, five British officers were sentenced to death. This led to the Anglo-Manipur War in April 1891. After the end of the war, Tikendrajit and Thangal General were hung to death on the charge of waging war against the British empire without conducting a proper trial. 

Some of the other patriots whose names are worth mentioning are: Paona Brajabasi, Niranjan Subadar, Chongtha Mia, Chirai Naga, Kulachandra, Angou Singh, Kajao etc.

More details about the Anglo Manipur war of 1891 and the history of Manipur in general, can be found in the following archives:

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