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  • What is NAMA?

NAMA stands for North American Manipur Association (NAMA). NAMA is a non-profit, non-political, educational and secular organization with the aim of fostering and promoting social, cultural, educational heritages of the people of Manipur in the North American continent and to defend any just cause that affects them. 

  • When was NAMA founded?

NAMA was founded in July 04, 1992 in Brooklyn, New York, USA.

  • What are the benefits of joining NAMA?

Some of the biggest benefits of joining NAMA are as under:

1) You will get an opportunity to interact and network with the Manipuri intellectuals in the association.

2) You will have direct access to resources who/that will help you enhance your career and education.

3) You will be able to give back to the Manipuri community through contribution for humanitarian causes and helping Manipuris by advising them about career and education in USA.

4) You will gain information about where Manipuris are located at various places of North America

5) You will get to celebrate Manipuri festivals, eat Manipuri food and wear traditional Manipuri clothes in various Manipuri festivals celebrated together

6) You will get an opportunity to gain ‘leadership skills’ through becoming an executive member of NAMA (an important skill that every hiring managers would love to see in your resume)

7) You will meet new Manipuri friends who will make you feel at home away from your home

  • How are the executive members appointed?

An executive committee is elected through voting of members every two years. NAMA members give their votes for the person of their choice for the specific position and upon members’ approval, the executive member shall be elected.

  • Please lay out the executive positions

The executive positions are President, Vice-President, General Secretary, Treasurer, IT Lead, Cultural Secretary, Asst. General Secretary, IT Assistants. To view the current executive members for the current term, please go to

  • I am an Indian. Can I become a NAMA member?

To be a NAMA member, the person needs to be someone of Manipur origin and someone who resides in the U.S... NAMA comprises and welcomes meiteis, Manipuri muslims, Bangladeshi Manipuris and people from several ethnic groups of Manipur (Naga, Kuki, Mao, Maram, Paomei, Kabui, Tangkhul, Khoibu, Koirao, Maring, Anal, Monsang, Hmar, Vaiphei etc and many more..)

  • I am not a Manipuri but I am very interested in Manipuri culture. How can I stay updated with the NAMA events and news?

NAMA has a FaceBook page for their supporters and external members. Please go to and like our FaceBook page to keep in touch with us and to stay updated of any upcoming events.

  • What type of causes does NAMA support?

NAMA supports humanitarian causes and provides donation on a selective basis. Based on the nature of the cause and the severity of impact, the NAMA executive team makes the final decision on whether or not a specific cause must be supported.  NAMA has been and shall remain a non-political organization. NAMA shall not support any causes that would give birth to any form of violence, deaths and discrimination among the people of Manipur.

  • Where does NAMA receive funding from?

NAMA receives funding through private donations from members. NAMA does not receive any funding from governmental entities.

  • How can I join NAMA?

NAMA welcomes individuals who believe in the objectives and aims of the Association as laid down in its Constitution and as amended from time to time. To join NAMA you will need to be a resident of North America or at least someone planning to move to North America soon. You are required to first register using the link Once you’ve completed the registration, please send an email to the NAMA Executive team to notify them of your registration.

  • How much does membership fee cost?

NAMA collects annual membership fee from members starting January till the end of June every year. Based on the membership type, members are requested to send their fees either by check or PayPal.

Patron - $150

Family - $50

Working Individual - $35

Student - $15

1) For those of you paying through Paypal, please go to and select the first option "Pay Now Thru PayPal".   

2) Google wallet user can pay through

  • I want to attend NAMA convention, who should I contact and what should I do?

You are more than welcome to attend the biggest event of NAMA that takes place every year. There is a fee imposed for those who wish to attend the convention and the fee must be paid on/before the day of convention. The amount of the fee shall be decided based on how much the convention expenses will be. For more details about the fee and other information, please contact the NAMA Executive team by emailing them at

  • I want to study (Undergrad/Masters/PhD) in USA. Can you help me?

Absolutely! NAMA’s website has valuable information on the application processes for Undergrad, Masters and PhD. To access the resources please go to If you need any further assistance, please email NAMA at . NAMA has a strong team who can answer to your questions.

  • I want to work in USA. Please give me directions.

For people who are interested in working at USA, we’ve made information available for you on our website. Go to to learn more. If you need any further assistance, please email NAMA at NAMA has members who can help you with your specific questions.

  • I have a question that is not listed here. Who should I contact?

Please email the executive team at for any queries.

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