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27th NAMA Convention Report, Tulsa OK, 2018


27th NAMA Convention Report, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 2018



The 27th Annual North American Manipur Association (NAMA) Convention was celebrated on 7th July 2018 at Tulsa, Oklahoma. Keeping the tradition of NAMA, people from different ethnic groups of Manipur from different part of United States attended to make this event more inclusive. This event highlighted NAMA’s continued efforts to bring different Manipuri diaspora of different ethnicities together. It also provides an opportunity for the younger generation of Manipuri American to learn and value our rich and diverse Manipuri culture. By engaging the members in the cultural performances and discussion, the idea of community spirit and our Manipuri root is strengthened.


This event was the outcome of several months of planning and coordination between the executive team and the Tulsa Team. Hegin Haokip and Shanti Thokchom with the strong team efforts of Tulsa Manipuris worked together to make this event successful.


Meet and Greet July 6th, 2018

The social event of the convention was held at Kuki Worship Service, Tulsa, OK USA. Meet and Greet event started with a warm and friendly welcome from Tulsa Team. The event took off with a welcome speech by NAMA President, Bish Moirangthem, on behalf of the host team, and then followed by the member introduction round. Attendees introduced themselves or their families and expressed their happiness about attending 27th NAMA convention. Socializing was followed by a sumptuous dinner that was highlighted by traditional Manipuri delicacies, reminiscent of festive feasts back home. The social evening came to a close after everyone enjoyed a game of Tambola popularly known as Housie.


Main Event, July 7th, 2018

The main event was held at Marriott, Tulsa OK, kicked off with Reception and Registration. The event hosts, Mimi Haokip and Isaac Haokip introduced and welcomed the guests of honor and the chief guest for the day. The chief guest was Dr. Binadevi Raghuvanshi and guests of honor were RK Borosana Patel, Raj Patel and Dr. D.P. Haokip.


The event kicked off with the melodious tune of a patriotic Manipuri song, “Hingmingnasi Eikhoi”. President of NAMA, Bish Moirangthem continued the proceedings by welcoming everyone to the 27th Annual NAMA Convention in different dialects of Manipur. He recognized the founding members of NAMA, Dr. Surajal Sharma and Dhrita Singha without whose continuous support, NAMA will not probably exist. He emphasized on NAMA being organization for all the communities of Manipur.


Our respected Chief Guest, Binadevi Raghuvanshi thanked Mr. Bish, Mrs. Sarju and entire NAMA team for inviting her to be the Chief Guest of the event and expressed her pleasure in joining NAMA convention 2018. She reminded everyone that even though Manipur is small and not many people know about it, we as Manipuris have to remain proud of our heritage. Being an expert in health, beauty and wellness, she encouraged everyone to stay healthy.


Dr. A. Surjalal Sharma, Chairman of Advisory board and one of the founding members of NAMA, expressed his happiness that NAMA is prospering. He mentioned about how NAMA has evolved from few members to a strong organization representing people from different communities of Manipur across North America. NAMA has a Constitution and has two distinct bodies Executive Team and Board of trustee. One important aspect we are focusing is to manage finance properly and in a more structured way. We are working toward it and encourage members to help achieve it.


The Chairman of Election committee and one of the founding members of NAMA, Dhrita Singha thanked all the first-time members for their support. He emphasized that the members are the backbone of NAMA community and concluded by thanking Tulsa Team for being a great host.


Hori Singha, former Vice President of NAMA and a regular convention attendee, expressed his happiness to see NAMA progressing every year. He further stated that Manipuris are well rounded, very strong and hard working. He reminded us of our history that we gave the world, the game of Polo.


RK Borosana Patel thanked the NAMA founding members, Executive team, Tulsa host team and the next generation of NAMA for keeping the tradition alive halfway across the world. Being a victim of the flooding during Hurricane Harvey, she thanked NAMA for supporting her by raising funds and supporting them at the time of need.


Peraly Meyer thanked NAMA for supporting her, when her husband Sam Meyer unexpectedly passed away. She recollected how excited Sam was attending 2017 NAMA Convention in Houston. She remembered Sam as a man of people, believed in sharing and caring and was full of life. She further stated that Sam was deeply compassionate toward NAMA Convention. She also reminisced how Sam constantly reminded her, never to forget our roots. Mrs. Meyer also donated to NAMA in memory of Sam.


NAMA Executive team updates:

Updates were presented by members of the NAMA Executive Team led by Bish Moirangthem – President of NAMA, Roshan Ngangom- General Secretary, Sarju Laishram – Assist. General Secretary of NAMA, Kelvin Asem – IT Secretary of NAMA.


President: NAMA Executive team has a very diverse team inclusive of Meitei, Kuki and Naga. We tried to reach out to all the communities to be part of the NAMA family. We also need diversity in the locations for hosting convention and that is why we chose Tulsa for 2018 Annual Convention. NAMA as a community has come together to support and contribute toward the flood relief fund to help the victims of flood in Manipur and Hurricane Harvey. We kept our community informed about well-being on the aftermath of Hurricane Irma and emotional support for the loss of Peraly Meyer’s beloved husband, Sam Meyer.


General Secretary: Mr. Roshan Ngangom talked about the past year being a year of transition and how NAMA and its members reacted to some of the events that occurred. He also talked about the efforts towards transitioning NAMA to a 501(c)(3) status to make it easier to raise funds and the challenges ahead in doing so. He mentioned about the ongoing efforts by NAMA to reach out to more communities of Manipur and to have a more diverse representation within NAMA.


Assistant General Secretary (Financial Update): Sarju Laishram provided detailed financial report for the year 2017-18. Since 2008, NAMA financial status has grown eightfold. She thanked all the members for their strong support and faith, without whom NAMA would never be able to stand strong. She mentioned about the source of fund and the status. Lastly, she appealed everyone to continue supporting NAMA.


IT Secretary: Kelvin Asem highlighted some of the IT development work done in the past year which included keeping the pages up-to-date.


Cultural Secretary: Mr Hegin Haokip being one of the leading members of the local organizing committee welcomed everyone to Tulsa. As a cultural secretary, he encouraged everyone to speak or converse in Manipuri as much as possible.


NAMA Election for Advisory Committee update. The following individuals are the members of Advisory Committee Dr. Lalit Pukhrambam, Dr. Ruhikanta Amom, Hori Irombam, Nongthang Langpoklakpam, Rakesh Moirangthem, Shanti Thokchom, Gautam Thokchom, Sarita Moirangthem.


NAMA Excellence Awards

Continuing the initiative to recognize and motivate members in the field of Academics, Arts and Sports, the following were awarded the 2018 NAMA Excellence Awards:



Oshin Rajkumari Aslot, finished her 4th Grade in Cactus Ranch Elementary school, Round Rock ISD, Round Rock TX. She qualified for the TAG, Talented and Gifted program, starting this fall 2018. She has consistently scored above 95th percentile in all STAAR tests she has given so far, from 3rd Grade onwards. She is one of the top performers in her grade level in Cactus Ranch and has consistently scored above 90 throughout her class exams in her school. She is very creative with her writing and enjoys sometimes writing song lyrics and poems, and stories too.



Simi Moirangthem has been swimming competitively since the age of 5 and qualified for the 2008 Junior Olympics in Lansing, Michigan. When she started high school, she was not only selected for the swim team but was picked for the varsity as a freshman. She also participated in the All-Star swim meet for 2 years. When Simi joined UT Dallas, she had the honor of swimming with the UT Dallas swim club which is a competitive team one step above the intramural sports but one step before becoming a D3 level competitive team. Her girls team in UT Dallas broke the relay records for the 200m Medley Relay, 200m Freestyle Relay, and 400m Freestyle Relay.



Arushi Sharma is an 8th grader at Canyon Vista Middle School in Austin, Texas, and she is in the Women’s Varsity Treble Choir, or Honor’s Choir. In her past 3 years at Canyon Vista, she has made the All-Region Choir, gotten solos in school concerts, and been in two musicals. She competed in the All-Region Choir as a 2nd-Soprano in 7th grade, and as a 1st-Soprano in 8th, and placed top 15 out of hundreds of girls. As she goes to Westwood High School, she will continue in the choir program and hopefully have a future in music.


NAMA Photography contest 2018


NAMA would like to thank all those who participated in the photo contest. The beautiful, creative and inspiring photos were displayed at the beautiful venue for the audience to vote. Raj Patel won the 1st prize, Sally Longjam won the 2nd prize, and Sarju Laishram won the 3rd price. NAMA would like to congratulate all the winners.


Highlights of the entertainment and cultural performances included

·       Jaang Kol laaam dance, Lai Haraoba dance, Sagol Kengkhai dance, Manipuri pop dance by Laksh

·       Cultural fashion show displaying beautiful and colorful traditional attire of different ethnicities in Manipur including Hmar, Meitei, Moyon, Tangkhul, Thadou-Kuki added glamour to the convention.

·       Group song “NAMA Macha na Helli” by the Tulsa team.

·       There was talk show on the world of Entrepreneurship by Gautam Thokchom and Roshan Ngangom.

·       A series of instrumental performances wowed the audience. Oshin Aslot performed a heart touching flute recital

·       Laksh & Kiyamba displayed their piano exploits

·       Songs by Priyobarta, Gama, Arushi, Clay, Mimi & Minthang, Shunghring, Mercy, Hevei Haokip, Bina Devi & Borosana

·       After the cultural program, it was the time for much awaited ‘Thabal Chongba’. Everyone joined in and danced to the exhilarating rhythms of Thabal music ending the convention in joyful mood.

·       Comedy show by Shanti Thokchom

·       Hibachi Show by Mangthang



We are excited that NAMA is evolving and growing every year. This is a great platform to unite everyone and it reminds us of our roots. We are excited to announce that the next annual convention would take place in Chicago, Illinois. We are really looking forward to seeing you all and many more again next year. We would highly encourage everyone living in North America, to spread the news about NAMA and encourage people to join the association. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email us at To learn more about NAMA, kindly visit our website Also, stay updated with the news and events of NAMA by liking our Facebook page




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